Who We Are
We are Gentiles who worship the God of Israel and share in the hope of the fulfillment of His covenant promises through the gospel. We’re disciples of Jesus, the Messiah, and aim to live our lives trusting Him and emulating His example. All our hope is bound up in the promises God has made with the nation of Israel to bring about a Day to accomplish all He’s spoken through Jesus, and all our boast is in His merciful love and sacrifice to bring us near to Himself through the cross.

We give ourselves to the ministry and witness of the gospel in a full-time capacity; carrying this out through several different outlets: giving witness of the gospel, discipleship, Bible teaching, writing, photography, and film. Sometimes some expressions of ministry are more prominent in certain seasons than in others.

The last few years we have been serving in several nations: Eastern Europe, the Middle East, U.S.A., and Asia (read more on this from David’s journal). We are currently living in the Middle East. Our heart is to be a faithful witness, be fruitful in the work of the Lord, and follow the Lamb wherever He may lead us. We genuinely need both your prayers and financial support to continue to minister. Please consider becoming a partner with us in the gospel.